Trading Your Personality

In this week's episode, Dan Ferris is joined by the chief investment officer of Logica Capital Advisers, Wayne Himelsein. Wayne founded the investment advisory firm in 2011. Throughout his 25-year career, he has developed and refined his quantitative-trading methods, risk, and portfolio-management processes. A self-proclaimed "quant trader," Wayne uses advanced mathematics to help identify moneymaking opportunities in both good times and bad. So in today's unforgiving market environment, he's a valuable guide for novice and veteran investors alike. When asked to define himself as an investor, Wayne emphasizes how investing should be thought of as "trading your personality." You should invest in a way that aligns with how you see and understand the world... What's funny to me is that people get really... rigorous about their view. If somebody, for example, is not very mathematical and they deeply believe in the fundamentals – understanding the company and talking to management and the whole other side of the world of investing – then I've seen, in that framework, them looking down on the quantitative side... like the two worlds have to be bifurcated... Everybody's entitled to be who they are and trade that way. You're going to do better being yourself... Why do you have to speak or look badly at the way other people choose to express their personality in the markets? Dan and Wayne dig deep into "familiar market signals," including how to best utilize them for your investing style. They also discuss the importance and influence of market bubbles, the pressures of news headlines on investing, and the need to explore and remain curious as a modern-day investor.