Geopolitical Expert Says to Expect Dramatic Pivots in 2023 – 'It's Tough to See a Deep Recession'

On this new episode of Making Money With Matt McCall, Matt welcomes Marko Papic. He's a top-down investor like Matt and one of his favorite macro analysts. They break down what we're seeing in the global market and drill down into specific sectors and asset classes. They cover a lot of topics on the show. You'll hear what Marko has to say about inflation, the Federal Reserve, and the consumer. And he highlights specific countries from which he expects outperformance in the future. Tune in for more details – and to find out what investment Marko would own for the next 10 years. #inflation #federalreserve #investing 00:00 Economic outlook for 2023 5:05 Consumption will drive the economy in 2023 11:10 Opportunities within emerging markets 14:33 How has the Japanese yen performed? 16:58 Will innovation slow down? 22:57 “Mission-driven” economy 26:03 Crisis and opportunities 27:54 Marko’s long-term investment If you're a fan of Making Money With Matt McCall, you'll be excited to learn that I'm joining several of my Stansberry Research colleagues for an even bigger and better show. For the first time ever, Daniela Cambone of The Daniela Cambone Show, Dan Ferris of Stansberry Investor Hour, and I are joining forces to bring you a town hall-style show focused on everything that 2023 has in store for investors. It's called "Danger, Volatility, Opportunity: How to Win in 2023" and it will air on Friday, January 27. We have a ton to talk about... But we want to address your questions and concerns, too! If you have something you'd like us to discuss, simply visit and submit your question. And of course, mark your calendars for Friday, January 27 for this special event. ➡️ Follow us on Facebook: ➡️ Follow us on Twitter: ➡️ Follow us on Instagram: ➡️ Follow us on LinkedIn: