Energy Crisis Rockets Through Europe, This Is the Next Explosive Sector | Josh Crumb & David Greely

The growing energy crisis emitting from global supply chain constraints is creating massive issues for nations in economic recovery. Joshua Crumb, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, and David Greely, Senior Economic Advisor of Abaxx Technologies Inc., join our Daniela Cambone to weigh in on how countries are bracing for winter as oil and gasoline prices soar to multi-year highs. "We have two interrelated energy crisis occurring both in Europe and in China at the same time," says Greely, because supply has been much tighter than expected. He continues to say the reliability on Russia as a single-supplier presents concerns due to their political motivations. "Investors need long-term certainty," in order to finance the infrastructure needed for LNG, Crumb asserts. He surveys the forecasted growth in commodity markets that, "we have never seen," and would dynamically change capital markets. #oilprices #energycrisis #supplychain Prepare yourself for a financial lockdown: ______________________________ Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on LinkedIn: