Crisis Looms: I Just Bought More Gold and Like it More Than Ever Reveals Gerald Celente

The banking system is functioning as a, "crime syndicate," says Gerald Celente, Trends Journal Founder. Celente tells our Daniela Cambone that he does not use that term lightly, and there are many present red flags clouding the global outlook. He says that the purchasing of corporate bonds is not a capitalism, but merely the merger of state and corporate powers. "This economy [U.S.] is going way down, and prices are going way up," he alerts viewers. Celente believes that the crypto market will continue to rise in price until the governments stops it. "I believe in gold more than anything," he says as a way to prepare for possible turbulence in markets as inflation rises. "We are living under conditions that you could have never invented in January, 2020," Celente concludes. #gold #inflation #financialsystem Prepare yourself for a financial lockdown: ______________________________ Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on LinkedIn: