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Nuclear Energy Is About to Get a Whole New Look

Matt McCallMatt McCall's Daily Insight

The good news keeps pouring in for the nuclear energy sector...

In December, I told you that scientists in California had made a breakthrough in nuclear fusion. For the first time, they were able to create a fusion reaction that generated more power than it consumed.

This may seem like a small step forward. But it's something that hadn't ever been accomplished before. And if researchers can keep pushing this technology forward, it could change the energy landscape forever...

So today, let's talk about another small step being made in the sector. It could completely alter how we view nuclear energy – literally.

Headline No. 1:

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission ("NRC") certified the first U.S. small modular reactor ("SMR") design.

McCall's Call: Nuclear fusion offers a path to almost unlimited clean energy.

But we're not there yet. It could be decades before fusion technology is ready for primetime.

That means we still need to innovate new technologies to keep up with the ever-growing energy demand. And an important one of those new innovations are SMRs.

When thinking about nuclear energy, most folks picture giant towers with steam billowing out of the top. It makes sense. Those kinds of nuclear power plants have been used for decades around the globe.

But that could change soon...

Last week, the NRC certified an SMR design that will have a much smaller footprint than a traditional nuclear power plant. These new reactors are only about one-third the size of a typical nuclear reactor.

In the rendering below, you can see what the future of nuclear power could look like...

These new reactors could change the nuclear power industry forever. And the first of this design is expected to be operational around 2030.

So yes, it's early. But this approval by the NRC will pave the way for more of these reactors here in the United States.

Headline No. 2:

The $49 billion helicopter industry is about to face some competition.

McCall's Call: CNBC is catching on to a key part of our Transportation 2.0 megatrend. An article published yesterday highlighted the threat that the helicopter industry faces from electric vertical takeoff and landing ("eVTOLs") vehicles.

EVTOLs are small, flying aircraft designed for shorter travel. They offer a way to bypass the hours of traffic to get from, say, downtown Manhattan to LaGuardia Airport in a matter of minutes instead.

You can think of them as the air travel version of ride-hailing apps like Uber Technologies (UBER) or Lyft (LYFT).

If you're a regular reader of Daily Insight, you know that I've been extremely bullish on eVTOLs for a long time. This headline means that the mainstream media is finally starting to see the massive upside potential here.

But I also have to wonder what took CNBC so long to recognize it.

While this industry may sound like something from the future, eVTOLs are a lot closer than people think. In fact, you may remember when Anderson Cooper took a spin in one in a segment for 60 Minutes last year.

This industry is seeing a lot of money flowing into it right now. Air travel giants like American Airlines (AAL), United Airlines (UAL), and even aircraft maker Embraer (ERJ) have invested millions of dollars in eVTOL companies while placing orders for hundreds of eVTOLs.

And last April, I traveled to England to check out the first ever "vertiport" that will serve as a takeoff and landing point for eVTOLs. I detailed my experience (with pictures!) in an episode of my Making Money With Matt McCall podcast.

I expect big things out of eVTOLs throughout the Roaring 2020s. And clearly, others are starting to agree with me. However, this is an industry that will take years to get its footing. The first eVTOLs haven't won certification for flying yet.

But remember... getting in early is the key to successful long-term investing.

That's why I've recommended several eVTOL companies to my McCall Report subscribers.

One of those stocks has been trading exceptionally well recently. So well, in fact, that I recommended locking in a 96% profit on half of our position after the shares had nearly doubled to start the year. Now, we're playing with house money.

But the eVTOL industry is only a small part of the broader Transportation 2.0 megatrend I expect to grow rapidly during the Roaring 2020s. The future of transportation will be huge, and I expect it to generate massive wealth for the investors positioned in the right companies early.

It's not too late to join us. If you're interested in learning more about our Transportation 2.0 portfolio – including the names of two of my favorite eVTOL plays – click here to claim a trial membership to The McCall Report now.

This is just the beginning of what I expect to come from the future of transportation.

Here's to the future,

Matt McCall
Editor, Daily Insight
January 25, 2023

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