There's Something Broken About the Market

Metals and mining stocks are a hot topic right now. Global commodity prices continue to surge as the Russia-Ukraine conflict rages on... The U.S. is looking to ramp up domestic production of the minerals needed to produce electric-vehicle batteries... Even the "meme stock" crowd is jumping on board, recently pushing a previously unnoticed small metals miner up nearly 800%. According to Dan, "There's something broken about the market." So this week on Stansberry Investor Hour, he invites seasoned geologist Brent Cook to break down the real opportunities in this highly complex industry. Over his storied career, Brent has worked in more than 60 countries consulting on proposed mine sites. His knowledge spans all areas of the mining business, from the conception stage to detailed technical and financial modeling for mine development and production. In 2008, he founded the popular Exploration Insights newsletter and helped develop what is now one of the most invaluable tools in the industry, the Drill Hole Interval Calculator. In other words, when Brent talks about mining and geology... we listen. On this week's episode, Brent offers four key tips for uncovering the greatest mining and exploration stocks and reveals how he personally avoids "red flag" companies. As he wryly puts it... You can screen out a bunch. You can pick up [on] the bullsh*t. If you want to wash your hands after you've shaken, that's a bad sign. Mining, metals, and exploration companies can be extremely volatile and speculative. But they can also be rewarding for patient, long-term investors. So whether you've already tucked a junior miner away into your portfolio, you're eyeing a few metals companies, or you're just looking to get started, be sure to check out this week's episode.