Riding Out the Bear

In this week's Investor Hour, Dan's going solo. Instead of the usual tête-à-tête with a guest (we'll return to this regularly scheduled format of our program next week, though), he wants to share something with his listeners that he recently hammered home in the Stansberry Digest...This is a bear market. I've been a fool not to think it. And I've been a fool not to say it to you. So let's consider that huge mistake fixed... I'll never make it again as long as I live. So for today's episode, Dan's coming straight to you, the listener, with his keen observations on the recent market action and his tips on what steps you can take to protect your portfolio. And to round out his assessment of today's bear market in equities, he's bringing on fellow colleague and resident cryptocurrency expert Eric Wade for a special commentary on the bear market in cryptos.