Ignore the Headlines and 'Turbocharge' Your Portfolio

For this week's episode of Stansberry Investor Hour, Dan Ferris welcomes back powerhouse guest Marc Chaikin, the founder, and CEO of Chaikin Analytics. Marc is a 40-year Wall Street veteran who, more than a decade ago, developed a revolutionary investing tool called the Chaikin Power Gauge. It's an objective, quantitative system that simplifies the stock-picking process and levels the playing field between institutional and individual investors. This week, Marc also shares some interesting tidbits about the Power Gauge's history, including when he showed the Nasdaq how his tool could "turbocharge" its three core indexes to yield double-digit outperformance. And at Dan's request, Marc gives his outlook on investing in technology stocks, along with a tip on the one quantitative measure that he uses to pick out the "cash-flow cows" from all the beaten-down tech stocks that litter the market.