How To Gain an Analytical and Behavioral Edge in Investing

For this week's Investor Hour, we're proud to bring you Jim Osman, founder and chief vision officer of consulting group The Edge. A 30-year veteran of the markets and portfolio management, Jim founded The Edge in 2005. Currently headquartered in New York City and his native country of England, the firm provides actionable (and market-beating) research to institutional and individual investors. In addition to overseeing The Edge, Jim regularly contributes to the hedge funds and private-equity division at Forbes. He has also written for other big names in financial publications like Barron's, the Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg. At The Edge, he helps his clients uncover profitable investing opportunities by helping them hone both an analytical and a behavioral edge in investing... On the analytical side, he focuses on special situations, which he defines as "unusual or atypical" events that drive stock prices. These catalysts can be external or internal. Spinoffs, in particular, are a great source of value plays, and Jim shares how he invests in them on the show. On the behavioral side, Jim highlights that emotional investing and fear of missing out can be costly. But he says that by understanding your risk, there's a way to manage your emotions... [It's] not even [about] 'curb the emotion,' because we all are emotional creatures. It's whether you can recognize it... You can recognize your emotion and handle that. Then your actual thesis will play out. In today's interview, Jim takes a deep dive into managing risk analytically and behaviorally... and why he considers it the ultimate solution to investment success.