'Embrace Concentration'

This week, we're excited to welcome back a familiar voice to Investor Hour: Austin Root, the chief investment officer of Stansberry Asset Management ("SAM"). It has been more than two years since Austin's last conversation with Dan. During that time, Austin left behind a storied career at Stansberry Research – as the director of research, director of corporate development, and the editor and portfolio manager of Portfolio Solutions – to join SAM, where he develops and manages investment strategies across all portfolios. This year, investors have had to contend with a turbulent market. But Austin has done a stellar job of helping SAM clients navigate – and even outperform – these choppy markets. He shares some of his unusual strategies in today's interview but says his job isn't just about maintaining a great stock-picking record. Rather, it's about drilling down these "mission critical" basics that every investor should incorporate into their portfolio... Performing well is not just about identifying great stocks. More important than picking the stocks themselves is asset allocation, risk management, position sizing. These are all mission-critical aspects to investment success. Also in this week's interview, Austin recounts what it was like to work with some of the investment world's biggest celebrities – like Steve Cohen, Julian Robertson, and George Soros. Plus, he shares the top four qualities that he looks for in investments, his favorite book on value versus growth investing, and more.