Don't Be a Cowboy With Your Money

258 While this year has presented a difficult trading environment for everyone so far, Greg's Ten Stock Trader advisory has been making a killing. Its win rate stems from Greg's expertise in technical analysis – a strategy that relies on studying past market and human behavior to predict what's next. With nearly two decades of experience trading and managing multibillion-dollar portfolios across every asset class, Greg is well-versed in guiding his subscribers to profits... while also knowing when to sit back and be patient. But it's not just about technical analysis... Greg also underlines the importance of understanding the fundamentals of market behavior, inspired by his recent readings on legendary investor and trader Stanley Druckenmiller... At the end of the day, follow the Fed. What's the Fed doing? Are they opening the spigot and releasing cash into the market? Or are they not? So, what's Greg's secret to surviving – and thriving – in this rocky market while everyone else gets "whipsawed"? Greg says it all boils down to making sure you have two crucial items in your trading toolkit, both of which have led his readers to consistently make money, regardless of what the market is doing. And he explains why he believes the popular notion of checking your emotions at the door before investing or trading is actually a misconception.