The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Charts | Making Money With Matt McCall

Matt is a big fan of stock charts. He believes they should play an important role in any investment strategy because they tell a story about what's going on in the market. So on this latest episode of Making Money With Matt McCall, Matt dives into the charts. Some are plain ugly to look at. Others underscore why now is actually a time to be extremely bullish. Despite everything you're hearing in the financial media right now, there are a lot of reasons to be positive right now. This is not the time to be selling. Matt highlights the areas he's paying the most attention to right now – like consumer staples and commodities – and also discusses the opportunities on the horizon. ⭐️ Try Stansberry Research FREE for 7 days. Start now ➡️ ⭐️ Get Access to Matt's Monthly Newsletter FREE for a limited time ➡️ Matt's FREE report ➡️ ➡️ Follow us on Facebook: ➡️ Follow us on Twitter: ➡️ Follow us on Instagram: ➡️ Follow us on LinkedIn: Chapters: 00:00 Overview of the market 7:53 Performance of XLE and the energy sector 10:04 CRAK (oil refiners ETF) 10:53 GDX (gold miners ETF) 12:16 WEAT (Teucrium wheat fund) 13:54 CORN (Teucrium corn fund) 14:49 COW (Bloomberg livestock ETN) 15:35 XLP (consumer staples ETF) and XLU (utilities ETF) 16:23 XBI (S&P biotech ETF)