The End of an Artificially Low Interest Rate Era – Peter Boockvar on the Fed, Commodities, and CPI

On Monday, Matt discussed why this week could be critical for the rest of the year. We're seeing that critical action right now... Major indexes are flirting with breaking below their June lows. In this episode of Making Money With Matt McCall, Matt asks a guest who's not only respected in the industry but who's also the kind of straight shooter we need to hear from right now: Peter Boockvar. As CIO at Bleakley Financial Group, and editor of The Boock Report, Peter brings veteran insight to many topics, such as the current situation with stocks, commodities like gold, and interest rates. Matt and Peter also dive into the Federal Reserve and share how much more they think the Fed will raise rates moving forward. #financialcrisis #investing #federalreserve ➡️ Follow us on Facebook: ➡️ Follow us on Twitter: ➡️ Follow us on Instagram: ➡️ Follow us on LinkedIn: