Silver Price Drama, Should the CFTC Push Out the Banks? | Garrett Goggin

There is no Fed taper in sight and money supply will continue to rise, says Garrett Goggin, editor of the Silver Stock Analyst. "Silver and gold are going to protect you in times of high inflation," he asserts. Goggin believes that Bitcoin's ironic success stems from investors trusting a virtual currency surrounded in mystery over the U.S. dollar and economic system. Gold and silver investors share the same mindset of Bitcoin investors, he claims. "I see crypto, gold and silver working together," Goggin says. It would be a "game changer" for a crypto product to be backed by gold or silver, he concludes. #inflation #silver #bitcoin Prepare yourself for a financial lockdown: Get access to Garrett's silver research now! ______________________________ Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on LinkedIn: