Michael Saylor: ‘I’d Rather Win in Volatile Fashion Than Lose Slowly, Sell Your Gold'

"Conventional critics and mainstream analysts don't get the crypto economy, don't understand bitcoin, and they hate volatility," says Michael Saylor, bitcoin whale and executive chairman of MicroStrategy. In his epic return, he tells our Daniela Cambone that the dominant digital blockchain is a "bumpy lifeboat, a bitcoin lifeboat," and is floating as intended in a murky world of economic transformation. In his new role of Executive Chairman, Saylor explains why his new role as the executive chairman allows him to focus on bridging the gap closer from bitcoin to MicroStrategy. "The market looks like it's bottomed [for bitcoin]," where its fundamentals are emerging as institutional investment grade asset, "being embraced by regulators, legislators, and large-scale investors," he continues. Saylor concludes by arguing, "Bitcoin is going to gradually demonetize gold over time, gold will go to the utility value of gold, but it won't be adopted as money in the 21st century." #saylor #bitcoin #blockchain ⭐️ Join Daniela Cambone's exclusive community ➡️ https://danielacambone.com ➡️ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StansberryResearch ➡️ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stansberry ➡️ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stansberry_research ➡️ Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/stanberry-research Chapters: 00:00 Michael bets billions in bitcoin and lost 7:49 Why did Michael step down now? 13:18 The volatility of bitcoin is not for everyone 16:16 What causes the crypto crash 22:22 Crypto market cleansing 24:24 Saylor’s view on Ethereum 25:44 Institutional buyers view on bitcoin 29:09 Gold vs. bitcoin 30:27 Tesla's bitcoin selloff 33:50 Spot bitcoin ETF 34:32 Bitcoin hedging inflation 35:02 Will Michael become a professor at MIT? 40:10 Are we in a recession? 42:07 Will the U.S. dollar march higher?