Gold Price North of 40k Is Endgame, Dollar Confidence Is Crashing | Lawrence Lepard

The Federal Reserve is walking a very thin line between too much inflation and deflation caused by tapering, says Lawrence Lepard, Equity Management Associates Founder and Managing Partner. Lawerence tells our Daniela Cambone that the Fed is in reactive mode, with inflation not being transitory. He says the Fed is playing the "bad cop" narrative towards cryptocurrency and gold traders. "Gold is the safest long-term hold form of money in the world, bar none," he says. "[Gold] is like what treasury bonds used to be," he continues. Lawrence claims gold prices will only go up from here suggesting that, "we're going to $2,000, then we're going to $3,000." Lawrence says that the Fed will continue to hit the guardrails of inflation and deflation, which will drive more investors to gold and cryptocurrencies. #federalreserve #dollar #gold #inflation Prepare yourself for a financial lockdown: ______________________________ Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on LinkedIn: