Global Crisis Is Here... Dam Is Ready to Break in Financial Markets

The Fed's efforts are futile since we're already in the early stages of a global crisis, asserts Bert Dohmen, founder and president of Dohmen Capital Research. He tells our Daniela Cambone that the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war marks the first of what will be many conflicts moving forward as the global financial markets remain in disarray. "We have to get ready for the worst, we can't change what's happening, but we can protect ourselves," Dohmen says. He concludes by touting natural gas stocks as a sector to explore for lucrative gains amid today's rampant inflation because," it's designed to go up in times of crisis." #federalreserve #recession #investing ⭐️ Join Daniela Cambone's exclusive community ➡️ ➡️ Follow us on Facebook: ➡️ Follow us on Twitter: ➡️ Follow us on Instagram: ➡️ Follow us on LinkedIn: