Game Over For Stock Market With Mining Decoupling on Horizon

"People will have to realize that we are now in a bear market, the world is different," says Claude Beget, keynote speaker at this year's Swiss Mining Institute conference in Zurich. "It's game over for stocks," he tells our Daniela Cambone, with decoupling to come between the stock market and mining stocks. "You should never believe anybody when they tell you to leverage," Beget argues when asked about the cryptocurrency space. "[Bitcoin] is a risk asset for me," he continues. Beget also shares his insights on the general mining sector as well as his favorite mining stocks.  ⭐️ Join Daniela Cambone's exclusive community ➡️ ➡️ Follow us on Facebook: ➡️ Follow us on Twitter: ➡️ Follow us on Instagram: ➡️ Follow us on LinkedIn: Chapters: 00:00 Where are we at in the mining space now? 2:32 Gold is one of the best performing assets 4:34 We’re in a bear market 5:07 Have we hit a bottom for stocks? 7:08 Decoupling in the stock market 9:50 Are you invested in crypto? 11:05 Do you have any stock picks? 12:05 Two specific mining stocks